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Our Vet, Dr. Tom McClelland health checks, vaccinates, worms and microchips the puppies for sale and is happy to speak with our customers.  To help you choose the best puppy to suit your lifestyle, click here to choose the right puppy.

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Schnauzer X Toy Poodle = Schnoodle puppy

Schnoodle Puppies:

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Schnoodle Adult Dog:

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The Schnoodle is our most affectionate and intelligent, hypo allergenic dog. Schnoodles are very loyal, devoted companions that are sociable with all family members and friends. They are very perceptive and their intellect and eager to please nature make the Schnoodle easy to train. Schnoodles enjoy walks and playing in the back yard. Schnoodle adult height at the shoulder 35 - 45 cm and adult weight 6 – 7 Kilos.

Fluffy Puppies breeds both First Generation Schnoodles and Second Generation Schnoodles. The temperament of First and Second Generation Schnoodles are the same. The main difference is that the First Generation Schnoodle may shed slightly, however the Second Generation Schnoodle is unlikely to shed at all.

First Generation Schnoodles have pure breed Schnauzer and Toy Poodle parents. They may shed slightly.

Second Generation Schnoodles have a Schnoodle Mother and a Toy Poodle father. Second Generation Schnoodles are unlikely to shed at all.

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