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What should I pay for a Cavoodle Puppy

There are many breeders out there that are charging different prices for Cavoodle Puppies.

So what is a fair price?

Fluffy Puppies is a very experienced, professional, registered breeder and we have been breeding beautiful Cavoodle puppies for over 15 years.

Before Covid we were charging $3,500 to $4000 for our puppies.

Then prices increased during Covid due to unprecedented demand for Cavoodle Puppies.

Now Covid restrictions no longer exist and the cost of living has escalated.

As a result, we are now selling our Cavoodle puppies for $3000 and are prepared to negotiate on that price to ensure that our puppies go to beautiful people.

Don't forget that old saying.....you get what you pay for!

If you see puppies for sale for less than $2500 - $3000, I would question that breeder's qualifications and the quality of puppy they are offering you.  Are the parents genetically tested? Are they registered breeders? Do they have local Council Approval to breed puppies? Are they endorsed by a Vet or Breeding Organisation?

Please don't hesitate to call me and discuss anything about our Cavoodle puppies for sale on 0408460581

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