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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Cavoodle puppy cost?

The price can vary from $4000 to $9000, but always remember…you get what you pay for.  Read carefully what the price includes.  Genetic testing and a 12 month genetic health guarantee are very valuable inclusions.  Also, when you buy from a Registered Breeder, you are buying reassurance that your puppy is carefully bred. 

What problems do Cavoodles have?

Cavoodles can have hip dysplasia problems and heart murmur problems.  Avoid these problems by buying from a Registered Breeder that does not offer their puppies for sale until AFTER the puppies have had a full Vet Health Check and their first vaccination.  Fluffy Puppies provides you with your puppy’s Vet Health Certificate, as well as the vaccination and microchip paperwork.

Does a Cavoodle bark a lot?

All dogs bark, but generally only to an annoying level when they are poorly trained or bored or scared.   Temperament can be inherited from the parents.  Bad habits like barking, can also be the result of poor training.   A well-bred, happy puppy from good parent dogs should not be a problem barker.  Check out the breeders testimonials and feedback pages on their website to see what their customers are saying about their puppies.

What is the smallest Cavoodle?

The smallest Cavoodle is one that is bred with a Toy Poodle. Cavoodles generally grow from 35cm to 45cm tall from the ground to the top of their back.

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