Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Here is Crumpet at 6 months of age.  She is a gorgeous pup, is really well behaved and giving us so much joy.

Regards, Helen.

Beau is now 7 months old.  What a joy my little fellow is. Happy, friendly, loving and very smart. What a well behaved little boy he is too! Amazing for a puppy.  He is very popular in Bronte with both people and other dogs. My family loves him as do my friends so I have plenty of baby sitters. We all agree that you are both expert in your business.  Beau is groomed professionally every 3 weeks and again, popular with the girls at "Dogs@play".  We think Beau is the best dog in the world.  Thank you,

Beau and Carolyn Burns

Hi Marie-Louise,

I thought I'd send you a photo of our precious Harvey! He is growing and doing really well. Such a friendly little dog and so loving. He and the cat are doing much better now too.

Thank you, Trish.

We have fallen head over heals in love with Max.  10 days in and he only has accidents every second day, sleeps through the night, has mastered "sit" and is working on the doggie door.  He starts puppy school this weekend and we're hoping for a "Best in Show" :-)  Niki and Ryan


I thought I would send you a photo of the Cavoodle we got from you in December 2018. 

We called her Jose.  She is a wonderful dog and a very much loved addition to our family.

She is very good with our children.

Gavin and Maree


Annie is the best thing to ever happen to our family. We adore her.

Everyone thinks she's still a pup not 8 years of age!

She's in perfect heath and very active still.


Karen Markakis

Messi has a very special, wonderful personality and is a little cutie!  Thank you, Sharon

Almost 10 years ago I got my Barnie, a perfect Cavoodle from you. He was born on 15th January 2010 and has been the most delightful and cutest thing for me and many others ever since.

He is in perfect condition and keeps his puppy-for-ever look. I have met many other Cavoodles, but my Barnie is the best (not just becasue I'm his mum), he never barks (he can, just hardly does), has the most friendly temperament and the perfect look (you'd agree with me just by lookinng at his cute face in his jumper picture here).

Best Regards, Jessica

It's been over a year now since we met you in O'Connell and picked up our pup Digby. Digby is a gorgeous dog and has fit in so well with our family. He's very well loved by everyone that meets him. We've had many friends comment that they would get a dog if they'd  be guaranteed it had the same personality as Digby!  Digby happily goes off leash at the beach and comes when called. He's so gentle with the many toddlers we know and is so loving to every member of our family. 

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you. He's been a fantastic addition to our life and he clearly had a wonderful start with Fluffy Puppies.

Aimee, Blair, Lily and Finn


Meet Frankie, our not so small 6.5 month old Moodle.  He has grown bigger than we expected, but he is sweet natured, smart and very energetic. He practically toilet-trained himself, he's extremely playful and in great health. We can't think of not having  him as part of the family.



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