Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Bob is continuing to be a lovely addition to our family. Bob and his fluffy ears have fitted in perfectly and he doesn’t mind doing a spot of gardening - he prunes a little too enthusiastically at times and he loves to chase a ball (he even brings it back on occasion).

Warm regards Hannah

Murphy turned 1 yesterday and has been the most amazing addition to our family. He is a perfect best friend for our 8 year old daughter who adores him. But during the Covid lockdowns he has kept the whole family sane with his love and the best excuse to get out for our walks.
He loves the beach, is still obsessed with socks (he doesn’t chew them just hides them) and has given our nearly 13 year old dog a new lease of life.  Thank you for sending us Murphy.

Crumpet has just turned 1 year old. She is a very happy dog with a charming disposition. She's a joy to come home to every day after work and see how excited she is to see us. She truly is the best.  Thank you, Helen.

We are totally in love with Bella....she really does bring so much joy to our family. She is a high energy puppy that just loves being with us. She was very quick to learn her name and play fetch! We get so many compliments on her gorgeous colour!  Thans again, Libby.

Tilly is an absolute joy and we love her to bits. Keeping us busy. Its like having a baby. Thank you, Anna Robinson

Ronny turns 12 years old this year in April. He is just a wonderful boy, still going strong, but just starting to slow down a bit.  We love him to bits and he is spoilt rotton.  Regards, Bill Burns


This is Lily and we absolutely adore her. She has a beautiful nature and has a wonderful personality.  Thanks again Marie Louise, Liz


We are going fantastically well !!  Tennille and I are completely and utterly head over heels in love Malu.  He is just the most delightful little soul and we feel so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives.  Malu had his second round of vaccinations and received a tip top bill of health from our Vet who was also full of praise for the comprehensive paper work and details you provided for us with Malu.  We have also started an instagram account 'malu_the_moodle'.  Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do and we'll keep you updated on Malu's adventures!  Regards, Luke and Tennille


I have attached a picture of our dog Elmo taking a nap on the sofa which is his favourite place!  Best, Jessica


Thank you for our beautiful girl, we love her. She is the sock queen and collects everyone's socks, clean or dirty, and has a pile of them on our lounge. At least we know where to go to find them.  Regards, The Friel Family

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