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Hi Geoff and Marie-Louise,

Here is a new picture of Rosie waiting patiently for a new doggie pal when you have a suitable retiree. 

Kind regards, Pip Brandon

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

This is Molly on her 5th birthday. I don't know what I would do without her. She is very playful when you want her to be and relaxed when you are relaxing. She is the perfect little Cavoodle.

Thanks again for my lovely companion, Pam x

Pollie is our second puppy from Fluffy Puppies! She has turned out to be a very beautiful dog . A bit spoilt and naughty - she has taken a liking to my slippers! We had her clipped a week ago and she is now losing her apricot colour as you can see and turning almost Blonde like her mum Ivy.  She has a beautiful, gorgeous nature..

Thank you, Roz, Ron and Pollie 



We purchased our beautiful girl Cavoodle Millie in early July. We noticed right from the beginning how intelligent she was! In fact, she amazed us! She learned to go to the toilet very quickly on training pads inside, held down with a pet shop training pad holder frame (otherwise she'd run off with it in her mouth!) By day two, she pretty much had number 1's under control on the mat (except for a few excited accidents here and there) but number 2's took a bit longer. Training is now underway outside. Millie also learned commands very quickly. She sits, lays down, rolls over, stays (most of the time!), stands up like a Meerkat, fetches and brings back toys. I just need to move my keys on the table and she comes running, knowing that I am going somewhere! We truly love our dog, she has the most loving and affectionate personality. She just wants to be with her family and has a different relationship with each of us, yet she doesn't favour anyone. You just need to look at her to see that she really is a Fluffy Puppy! Thank you so much for breeding beautiful and loving dogs.  I can only imagine the beautiful personalities and intelligence of each and every one of your dogs!

Best Wishes, Melissa


It has been 6 months already since we bought Chewie from you. Our daughters were over the moon with the puppy and he's become an indispensable part of our family.

Chewie is extremely friendly with everyone and beyond patient with kids. His favourite thing in the world is running in long grass and he is super fast!  We all adore him!  We reconmmend Fluffy Puppies to everyone! He is the most playful dog I've ever met - the photo doesn't do his personality justice. He sings while our daughter plays her instrument!

Thank you for helping us add a delightful member to our family!

Anna and David.


Maggie May turned 3 on 16th August. Just thought you might like this photo of our gorgeous girl!  Of course she is absolutely delightful!  Our son's neighbour at Vaucluse has one of your puppies, Nala and she is also gorgeous!!!

Thank you, Jannel Austin

Hello Marie-Louise and Geoff,

We wanted to let you know that Spud and Noodle Cavoodles are living the life of luxury in Italy!  

Thank you, John and Steph

Just a note to say Henry is doing well. He is a much loved member of our family. We stay overnight one day per week wth my daughter and Henry plays with her 3 rescue dogs (one is a greyhound, Lucy) who lets Henry eat out of her bowl and sleep with her in her bed.  Thanks again for this delightful little boy. Kim Saunders.


Just an updated photo of our much loved Daisy. She has the most gorgeous nature and is much loved by us and our neighbours.

Kind regards, Karen and Terry.

I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for our beautiful puppy Tink.  She has been an absolute pleasure.  She is now trained (which was easy) and very well behaved and calm. She is a joy to have around and we are considering another one.  I will be recommending Fluffy Puppies where ever I go.  Thanks again, Zoe Welton

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