Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Millie our Cavoodle is now 10 months old and loves running in the garden, going for walks and giving lots of cuddles. She is a lovely little darling and brought both us and our families much joy.  Regards, Chris


Just wanted to send you a thank you for our Cavoodle Messi who will be one next month. We couldn't imagine our family without him. He is such a caring, warm and friendly dog - always happy and very spoilt. We have 3 young kids and he is so patient with them. It was the best decision to get a dog for them, as they adore him. Regards, Sharon


This is our gorgeous Tilly Cavoodle! She has settled so well into our family and gives us so much love.  When her human brothers come home from school, she  just about does cartwheels to greet them! There is no better welcome. She has a beautiful nature and is loved by us all so much! Thank you Fluffy Puppies. Leanne S.


Here is Bear Moodle at 6 months of age.  He is such a treasure. You couldn't imagine the delight he has brought to our house!  Thanks so much, Paul and Sharon


I'm so tired after my morning at the beauty parlour :-) Luv Ollie Barnes


Here is Rosie Cavoodle and as you can see she looks very like the new puppy we are buying now. People still think she is a puppy in the street.  Kind regards, Karen


Here is our beautiful Moodle Tia who is now 4 years old.  Thank you, Bambi


Here is Molly Moodle on her first trip away with us in the motor home. As you can see, she has settled in and made herself at home! She now walks really well on leash with me every day, is an absolute joy to both of us, and is wonderful therapy for Leon. Thank you for such an adorable companion. Kind regards, Rose and Leon Gryczewski


Here's a picture of Benson our Cavoodle. He is a joy. At 14 weeks he is walking beside me with a very long and loose leash and keeping up for a 30 minute brisk walk. He is sooooo easy to train. He's eager to please and everyone is commenting on how calm he is. He was backing away from the vacuum cleaner so I did some training with him...now he moves toward me while it is running and wants pats. Thank YOU. Helen and Benson


My ebony Shoodle, Odile tured 1 year old last Thursday. As promised here is a photo from her birthday. She is a delightful little girl. Thank you, Nicole Khallouf


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