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It's been 2 1/2 years since the gorgeous  Bear Cavoodle joined our family!

He has the most beautiful, caring nature and is an absolute delight.

Thank you so much


Daisy had her first groom today and we thought we would share a photo of her with you.  Daisy is now 6 months old and she is an absolute delight. She has such a gentle nature and everyone falls in love with her. Daisy quickly learnt to sleep through the night and has been very easy to house train. She loves lots of cuddles and being with people and is very social with other dogs. Thank you for allowing us to have one of your puppies again.

Kind regards, Karen and Terry Gassner

Here is a picture of Mutt who absolutely adores the beach!!

Kind regards,

Renay McIntyre

Just thought we'd send a photo update of Bailey Cavoodle. He is one year old today!! He's doing very well, definitely part of the family and he has such a gentle and friendly nature.

THank you

Kathryn Davies

My birthday party and a morning at the beauty parlour is so exhausting....and so much fun! 

I've been going to obedience classes for over a year now and love seeing my doggy friends. I am doing well in class and I am a very good boy despite the too talkative trainer. He only likes big dogs but I'm the star of the class. 

Love from Ollie Barnes

Hi Geoff and Marie Louise,

I just thought I'd share with you a photo of Max and my son Jeff.  Jeff is now 8 months old and idolises Max.  Many thanks, Kirsty


Thank you both for our Cavoodle Monty.  He is a delightful addition to the family and much loved by all who meet him. Kind regards Jan and Nick


Chester continues to give much joy to us and his pals in the dog park. His confident, energetic, gentle yet playful manner is totally endearing. He is self-assured and we are pleased that he copes so well when we leave him at home for a few hours. He is a collector of feathers and gumnuts and often tries to smuggle these treasures into the house. If he could, he would also have a butterfly, moth and fly collection....Many thanks again for this sweet family member. Kind regards, Heather and Phil


Our Moodle Bagel has settled into his new family really well. He is an absolutely amazing and beautiful pup and so very clever. He is sleeping through the night, playing ball and doing really well with toilet training. We are truly grateful to have him in our life. Thank you so very much for all the love and care you gave him in his early weeks. We will be sure to gvie you an update at 6 months.  The Gray family.


Our Moodle Goldie is 6 months old today. Funniest little dog we have ever had. Certainly brought some joy to us. Regards, Daryl


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