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Maggie May has settled in to her new home so well - she spent the first day exploring her yard and has found her favourite spot where she spends all day.  She is my first outside furry friend so the adjustment was purely on my shoulders!  Thank you guys so much - she is so calm and easy going which no doubt speaks volumes of the care she was given by you at Fluffy Puppies.  

We've only had Bailey for 3 months but it feels like he's always been a part of the family. He is a very smart puppy! Mischievous and playful, yet gentle and loving.

He is a fast learner! His training at puppy pre-school went really well and I'm confident he'd be amazing at his next ones. Although like all dogs he loves to eat, he can't be seen begging nor sitting under a table waiting for crumbs and scraps. He's perfect!

To our surprise, Bailey was already toilet-trained from the day we got him, and unlike many puppies I've seen from other breeders' social media pages, his face was clean and no staining around his eyes. These showed me that Geoff and Marie-Louise look after their dogs very well and give them a great foundation before they even send them to their new families! 

​We were provided with all the information on Bailey and things that we needed to know to make the transition easy. I would recommend Fluffy Puppies to anyone also looking for a lovely puppy to add to their family and I look forward to picking up our next one from Geoff and Marie-Louise!

Ramos Family, Kellyville NSW

It’s been a little over 9 months since we picked up our puppy from you and we just wanted to let you know that we have loved every minute of it and our ‘Freddie’ is the most perfect puppy we could have asked for. I must say the first few nights were tough but after that it was all fun and games, never a dull moment with Freddie around! 

Gemma and I also wanted to share with you a photo of Freddie and to let you know we’ve been taking the best care of him.

Kind regards, Pej

Just a quick update to share that we celebrated Chili’s 1st Birthday on Friday … here is a snap of the birthday boy!  He is a much loved cheeky member of our family … we can’t imagine life without him.  He is a great brother to our two boys and extremely social and friendly with other dogs .. he has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks so much! Sarah

I thought I would send you an update on our beautiful boy Albi. He is a pure delight and so so clever he sleeps right through the night and waits quietly till we rise of a morning. He knows how to sit, stay, come, fetch and shake hands. I just want to thank you again for our boy we love him dearly. I pray all is well with you and your family.
Kind regards, Carol 

We just wanted to let you know how Petra is doing in our care.

We have now had her for 6 months and we love her dearly! While I worked from home last year, she and I developed a very strong bond that was increasingly shared with Ros after I returned in November to working from the office.

Weather permitting, we walk her twice daily and this gives us all good exercise. We always brush her afterwards and check for grass seeds and burrs.

Petra took to the lead very quickly and her house training was easy because she is sensible and has never done her business inside the house.

We built her a kennel that she uses when we need to leave her home alone and she loves being in the back yard and garden with us when we are working outside.

Last weekend, we took her to Eden where we stayed 4 nights in a pet-friendly motel. We also took her with us to Victoria for Christmas and New Year.

I have enclosed some photos to show how well she has settled in with us.

Many thanks for the opportunity to re-home Petra. We appreciate it very much. She has added so much value and love to our lives.


Thought I would send you an update on Bindi who is now 6 months old. 
She is doing well, laid back nature and so full of energy all the time !  She is getting quite big and has quite a long coat.  She is a very confident puppy.


Thought we’d give you an update on how ‘Willow’ is going!! She’s settled in very well to our family and training is going well - see attached for some photos of her, she’s growing so fast!!

Thanks, Mel

We’ve had our puppy, Scout, for 6 months now and she is delightful, super cute, smart and only a little spoilt. She loves to play and go for walks. She goes to doggy daycare one day a week to socialise with other puppies and loves to take a swim in the dam, often coming home wet, smelly and very tired after a day of play. She has changed our lives!!

Kind regards,

Jennifer, Richard and Scout Heaney

We just wanted to give you an update and share a photo of Crumpet with you. She is 6 months old now and she is such a happy and loving girl. She loves people and other animals. She's healthy and loves her walkies.  Thank you again giving us the opportunity to raise a such beautiful pup.

Rikki, Morgan & Crumpet

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