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Thank you so much Marie Louise
Ellie is just adorable and has settled in straight away.
She’s just perfect and the whole process was just perfect.
Thank you for being such honest and caring breeders in an age where so many are not.

Thanks again

Hi Marie-Louise,

My Mum (Hazel Chappell) shared a picture of Harvey with you & asked me to email it to you to share.

Can't believe he's 1 already & can't imagine life without him. He's such a cheeky, sweet natured little boy. We are very lucky indeed.

Kind Regards

Peita Chappell 

Hi Marie-Louise, hope you are well, thought I would send you a photo of Molly on her 7th birthday today.

Thanks so much for such an adorable companion, I couldn't ask for more, she has such a beautiful nature.

Before the lockdown, she was asked to go to a infants public school once a week to work with the kids, she loves everyone.

Thanks very much again for my lovely companion.

Kind regards



Sandy- a fantastic dog and so sociable!!! Xxx

Regards from Fiona

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff 

Just had to send a photo of 8 month old Molly - my teddy bear -  born 1st Jan 2021 - so gorgeous I could just squash her 

Thankyou for Molly 

Jeanette Martin 

Hello Geoff and Marie Louise

I have told my friend and she is definitely going to get a puppy from you: second gen like Benson.

I sang your praises and, of course, Benson is a brilliant advertisement for your breeding kennel.

Here’s a couple of update pics for you. Living the life of Riley and loved by all who meet him.

Regards, Helen

“Thank you Marie-Louise & Geoff for bringing Tickles into our lives. She is very friendly and happy, plays well with all my children including our 2yo daughter. Xxx” 


Good afternoon Geoff and Marie-Louise,
I thought you might like to see our beautiful Albi on his birthday. He continues to brighten our days. We love him so much he is a bundle of fun and we are so blessed to have him.
Kind Regards

Lulu’s personality is beautiful, she is very intelligent and such a joy to have around. If I’m not paying her attention she will lift my hand to stroke and to pat her, she has learnt some commands, such as sit (sometimes), ‘stay’, most of the time, ‘out’ and ‘walk’.

She has been very easy to toilet train, she had a few accidents, in the house, in the beginning but now if she wants to go outside she sits at the back door and barks, we open it for her and she comes back in after she has relieved herself.

Her only mistake she makes is if we have visitors, which she absolutely loves, as she is very social.

We are looking forward to Christmas in Sydney with our family (we missed it last year because of Covid-19) our niece has a poodle, our daughter has a moodle so Lulu will have a ball, she will bounce and bound around the house I’m sure.

Have a merry Christmas and a safe and healthy new year, and thank you for our Lulu ?



Another great day here with Maggie May and Matti.

Regards from Pam

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