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Douni (Moodle) is now 6 mths old. My wife has had 12 dogs in the past and says that Douni is the best she has had. He is fantastic in every way and my two boys (7 & 8) love him. He is very smart and does not shed a hair which is fantastic. He is also a beautiful looking dog where he turns heads anywhere we take him and just wants to play. We couldn't be happier with the breed we selected and more important the Breeder we selected. I have seen other dogs similair to him and can see the difference in quality. Thank you for a great inclusion to our family.
Louis, Amanda and the boys (Dounis)

Charlie (Cavoodle) is just over 5 months now and is an absolute breath of fresh air. He is super smart, loving, active and known as Cheeky little Charlie in our apartment complex. Everyone here absolutely adores him and they all want to babysit him at any opportunity. Charlie has met the children in my class as well and they all are in awe of him. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and expert service in delivering Charlie to Perth. I am so happy at having purchased this wonderful puppy from you.
Kind regards, Rebecca Mola

Our little boy Ziggy (Moodle) is now 5 months old and doing great. He has a great personality and we love him to bits. I've attached a photo of Ziggy bear for you. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful pup.
Kind regards, Fiona Popovic

Just to give you an update on Piper's (Moodle) progress and updated photo. She is doing really well with her puppy training. She's very clever and soooo cute. There is not a day that goes by that I have untold people stopping me and commenting on what a cute dog she is. Thank you very much. We all love our fluffy puppy so much.
Regards Allison

Do you think Millie (Cavoodle) looks comfy sitting on Les. She has just been back to Doggy Day Spa again today and had her winter coat cut off as well - looking pretty!! I will send you more photos again soon.
Colleen Wildman

Penny (Cavoodle) is a very well behaved puppy and she is very obedient. She is fantastic with our eight grandchildren & loves them coming to play with her. Nicholas, 7 years old, is very allergic to dogs but seems to have no problems at all with Penny. You may remember I gave her to my husband for his 60th birthday. He was absolutely thrilled with her & still is. Thank you for breeding such a delightful puppy.
Kind regards, Lyn Walters

We wanted to send you an update of our beautiful boy Bruno (Moodle). Bruno is 8 months old now, he loves to cuddle and play and enjoys his walks. He is the most perfectly natured little dog and makes us smile and laugh all the time. Thank you again for all your assistance in bringing Bruno to our family.
Kind Regards, Krystal and Vincent

We'd love to see Bindi (Moodle) on your website. She was 8 months last week. Here is a photo of Bindi when we first got her and another one taken recently.
Thank you! Nicole

I thought I would take the opportunity to send you an updated photo of our Cavoodle Ben. He is the most wonderful character, so full of energy and can I say sooo smart. He loves to give my 12 year old Cavalier King Charles - Winston a run for his money, it is very funny to watch. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs and we look forward to purchasing another one from you in the near future - My husband wants one exactly the same, I knew I should of brought 2!!!!
Cheers Maria

Here is a photo of our beautiful Valentino enjoying Christmas morning. Valentino is one year old now. We could not imagine what life would be if Valentino did not come into our life. He is such a big part of our family. Valentino is our very first Cavoodle and we could not have any other dog after what we have experience with Valentino. He has a lot of love in his heart and is a very smart dog. He is just one of the family. If he could talk you would think he was human. Thank you Fluffy Puppies for producing such a beautiful little boy.
Regards Diane

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