Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Thank you so much for letting us have him, he is a much loved member of our family ? I pray all is well with you and your family.

Kind regards 


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our fluffy puppy Leonidis aka Leo.

Kind regards, Amanda


We just wanted to send an appreciate email for our fluffy puppy Jak. 

We have recently adopted Jak (9 years old) from his previous owner who sadly, has recently passed, and found your information within his documents. 

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful dog Jak and wanted to send a big thank you for breeding such an amazing boy, he brings us so much joy everyday. 

We are also so happy to be able to pass on your details to friends and family.

Thanks again, 


Hi Marie 

This is Molly - birthday 1st Jan 2021 - mother Jocelyn - love her sooo much - what a darling - she is 6 mths next Thursday 1st July 2021 - she is currently going to puppy school and best is class ??

Thankyou Jeanette Martin 


My name is Alexis Sweet. I am just writing to give you an update on our beautiful Moodle. My family adopted one of your fluffy puppies into our home in 2017. We named her Amber. We love her so so much and thank you for letting us bring her into our family. She has really helped with stressful times and is always there when we need her. she loves her cuddles but hates baths and the vet. She can be a character sometimes and always finds a way to make us laugh.

Attached is a photo of her below ?

Hopefully my parents will agree on getting another bundle of joy and if so we will definitely be in touch again.

Thank you,

Alexis Sweet

Hi from Kim and Henry bear. 

Photos attached. He is sociable with my daughter’s 3 dogs and the grandchildren. He is a bit timid at times but he follows me everywhere and is always with me as I mostly work from home. I don’t think there is a more perfect match for me than he is. Can’t thank you enough. He is my best friend

Thanks again, Kim

Hello Marie-Louise

Thought I’d send an update and some pics.

Buddy is still the greatest, cutest, fluffiest pup in the whole wide world and we love him to bits. Thanks again for bringing him into our world. We smile and laugh a thousand times a day because of this little gem.

Pics attached  :)



Hi Geoff and Marie-Louise,

Though you would love to see how our beautiful boy is growing, he delights us every day and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He has the most beautiful nature and temperament. He is playful and loves shoes, we absolutely adore him. He has helped both me and my husband to cope during COVID. Thank you so much again for bringing him into our lives. The yellow flower was from the groomers they all love him and have photo shots with him when ever he goes, I think it is cute they never last long he always manages to pull them out ?

Kind Regards, Carol

Hi Marie Louise,

I hope you are well. I am sharing some pictures of Teddy, now that he is 6 months old.



Hi Marie Louise and Geoff

Here is a photo of Ted yesterday. He’s given us a lot of love over the past (almost) six years. 


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