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My gorgeous Cavoodle turned 8 last Friday (had a birthday celebration of course), and he is absolutely spoilt rotten. I thought you might like to see this phot. Thank you Kahlia

Dear Marie Louise and Geoff, It was nearly 10 years ago that our beautiful Moodle Lulu-Piper arrived in our home. We just had to make the heart breaking decision to put our Lulu to sleep.  Lulu was a gorgeous little companion for all of our family. She was such a nice kind natured little girl that just wanted to be loved. And that she was, we all miss her dearly.  Just wanted to thank you for our gorgeous little princess.  Lulu was a beautiful little girl that is now with the Angels.  Kind regards, Danielle

Here is a Christmas photo of our beautiful Abbie. At almost 18 months as you can see she is just beautiful. She has bought so much joy to our lives. Very best wishes to you for 2019. Lannell and Jeff Morris

Here is just one more gorgeous photo of our Buddy!!!

THank you, Sumi Lim

Our Buddy is 2 years old now and still so handsome as ever!  He's like a real life teddy bear; so gentle, sweet, affectionate and he loves to cuddle!! We are amazed that he hasn't shed at all...not a trace!! His coat is so divine and soft. My girls and I pich ourselves tht he's in our lives. Kind regards, Sumi Lim.

Hi Geoff and Marie-Louise

Nearly nine years ago our Shoodle puppy Jet came from your home to ours (his birthday was 01 April and back then I think he was called “Monica’s” pup number 3”!). Sadly, we put him down last week.

He was our loveable companion and watch dog, for instance as soon as the phone rang or the washing machine started its final spin cycle he was at our feet letting us know!!

Today for the first time Karen and I walked alone, it was all a bit sad. However life goes on and we will adjust to life without our little mate.

Thanks for an unforgettable nine years.

With best wishes

Terry and Karen Gassner

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Hi Marie-Louise,

We just wanted to let you know that Cavoodle puppy “Bear” is doing really well. He has a gorgeous nature and is a real joy to have around, a great addition to our family.

 Here he is after a recent trim and wash. 

Have a great weekend

Justin, Leigh, Cal and Isla

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Hello Marie-Louise

We just wanted to provide you with an update on our Shoodle puppy Billie girl (Shoodle) now at 7 months old.

She is a loving, playful, happy and well behaved little bundle of joy for our family. Her temperament is just beautiful. She loves people and is so gentle and friendly towards everyone. The perfect first dog for our family.

She just had her first haircut and looks like a little lady now and her fur feels as soft and silky as it did when she was a puppy.

She is such great company for all of us and brightens our day. Thank you for Billie!

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It has been a busy week for Shoodle puppy Bear!

He's had his 16 week vaccination; had a haircut and joined us on the school run.

He's a sweet boy. And we love him. Some snaps attached.



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Just thought I’d send you a couple of photos of our gorgeous Cavoodle puppy Coco. 

She weighs 6.5kg, and is absolutely adorable. She has a very sweet nature and loves other dogs. She’s not too sure around  strangers, unless they come attached to a dog, then she loves them. We are still working on her socialisation.

We absolutely love Fluffy Puppies and are so pleased you were able to provide us with our latest family member.
Heather Harris

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