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Here's a picture of Benson our Cavoodle. He is a joy. At 14 weeks he is walking beside me with a very long and loose leash and keeping up for a 30 minute brisk walk. He is sooooo easy to train. He's eager to please and everyone is commenting on how calm he is. He was backing away from the vacuum cleaner so I did some training with him...now he moves toward me while it is running and wants pats. Thank YOU. Helen and Benson


My ebony Shoodle, Odile tured 1 year old last Thursday. As promised here is a photo from her birthday. She is a delightful little girl. Thank you, Nicole Khallouf


We wanted to share with you that Millie Cavoodle is a playful and happy pup who is now 6 months old. She loves running around the garden, going for walks and cuddles. She has settled in well and gives us lots of love. Thank you, Chris and Sue


Our little Maggie Moodle is doing well.  Eight months on and you would think she was always a part of our family. She is so adaptable - is just as happy when it's quiet as when the grandchildren visit and fun and mischief begins. Thank you Fluffy Puppies for our beautiful little Moodle girl. Phil and Robin


Maple is now 7 months old. The decision to purcase Maple has to be the best decision I have made. She has been my heart healer. Maple is the happiest dog I have ever known, she loves to love humans and other dogs. She is cheeky, clever, stubborn and adorable. It only took her a couple of hours to master the doggie door.  She eats like a queen, has way to many toys and really runs the house. Many hours of entertainment have been had by myself and my son just watching her antics. I never thought that one tiny bundle could end up with so much personality. We love her to bits. Thank you for picking the perfect little girl for us. Warm Regards, Linda P.

We bought Sammy our Moodle over two years ago and he has brought us nothing but joy He is the calmest dog I have ever met and has the best nature ever. He is obedient and loving and extremely healthy. I haven't had to take him to the Vet once (except for vaccinations). We love him so much we are now looking to get antoher dog from Fluffy Puppies. Jo Saba


Hi Marie Louise,

Sending you a recent picture of our most adorable Moodles, Poppy and Teddy, now getting on for 4.5 years old. I have referred multiple would-be owners to you. Regards Liz de Soyres

Cuddles is 10 months old today! Cuddles is an absolute darling. Cuddles has such a beautiful nature and is highly intelligent. Everywhere we go people stop us to look at her. First for her colouring and then by her nature. She brings great pleasure to people from 5 to 85 - especially the people at mum's nursing home. Thank you for the way you breed your puppies. We could write chapters on how much she has done things and put into our lives. Cuddles is a truly special pup.  All the best for 2019. Cameron and Catherine Pascoe


Milo Cavoodle has settled in well. He's a real personality - full of energy. Toiletting is going well and he sleeps through after settling at night. Chewing long grass stalks in the wind is a favourite game, as is finding shoe laces and toes. He's resonding to his name often and is as bright as a button. Many thanks, Jenny, Wolf, Katya and Milo xxx

I just wanted to share a photo of our wonderful Cavoodle pup! I can't tell you how happy she has made me! I've been told I'm a different person with her, and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about the day I received her!  Thank you, Belle.

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