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We have previously bought from Fluffy Puppies and we named our Cavoodle Alfie. He is a beautiful dog and is very well cared for. Here is some pictures of him he is 2 now years old.

Thank you, Alexis

Hi Geoff and Marie-Louise,

Just thought I would update you on our beautiful Albi.  It was 12 months ago yesterday that we picked Albi up from you just outside Bathurst. We were so excited to get to meet our beautiful little puppy and what an absolute delight he was, for both me and my husband it was love at first sight.
Over the past year we have had so much fun and love from Albi and he continues to delight us daily with his beautiful, happy and loving temperament. He makes our days bright and happy in the face of this terrible pandemic. I pray this message finds you well. 

I will continue to send updated photos over the year ahead. Stay well and safe.

Kind regards 


Another gorgeous photo of Albi

Another gorgeous photo of Albi

Here is one more photo of our beautiful female Cavoodle, Willow.


Hi Marie-Louise,

Thought we’d give you an update on how ‘Willow’ is going!! She’s settled in very well to our family and training is going well - see attached  photo of her, she’s growing so fast!!

Regards, Melissa

We bought Jippa from you 12 years ago.

He has brought much joy, love and humour to our family.

Such an intelligent, affectionate and cheeky puppy.

My son has now expressed interest in a dog from you as he is about to move into his first home with his partner. This has  prompted me to write.

Lachlan (Brimson) and Jippa have an incredible bond.

I remember you saying you enjoy photos of the dogs, so see attached.

All the best,  Sharon

Hi guys

I am having so much fun with my new travel companion. 

I have called her Mia.  ( means Freedom). 

She is the most delightful, clever, cute, happy, placid  pup I could have wished for. 

She has adapted so easily to traveling in my campervan and is very easy going. Only accidents inside were my fault. She is still not so good on the lead.... as the photo shows manages to tangle herself, but is so cool about it.   Just sits and waits for me to untangle her. All the toys and she has taken a liking to the broom. Still trying to get her to use it properly!!  

What a delight. 

We have had our first vet visit for immunisations and booked for next one. 

Thanks again for making the purchase and delivery such an easy process.  Keep up the good work.  I have passed on your details to a couple of people.  

Bye for now 

Leanne and Mia

Here is a photo of our beautiful girl. She is doing amazing and the absolute best dog. We are in discussions now about possibly adding another puppy to our family so we will be back in contact with you if we go ahead :).

Kim Clifton

Just  thought that I would  send a photo of Ruby who has just turned 2. She was dressed up for
Melbourne Cup lunch. She is so special and a wonderful companion.
Cheers Lyn

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