International Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Dear Fluffy Puppies , 

Just some latest pictures of Milo :) he turned 5 months old this 4/9 . 

Have a lovely day ahead ! 

Warm regards, Irene

Hi both,

Just want to give you an update. Buddy is almost 6 months old now and he is doing well!

He put on a lot of weight though and seems to be growing faster than we expected! ? 

Feel free to follow him on Instagram :)

Thanks again.

Erving from HK

Here is Biscuit in Hong Kong. He is a model for a watch company now!!!!  Thank you so much. Manzyl


We have moved to Malaysia now from Hong Kong and Hacker is 3 years old today.  He's the best dog we've every had. Super loyal and loved by everyone...he's great with kids who are scared of dogs. Roast chicken with salmon sashimi for birthday dinner tonight. (All his favourite).

Much love, Ying

Hello Marie-Louise and Geoff

We wanted you to know that Spud and Noodle Cavoodles are living the life of luxury in Italy!!!

Thank you,

John and Steph

I have been meaning to message you since last week! We have been very busy settling in our new puppy.  Ellie made it to Hong Kong all good and is adorable and doing really well.  We didn't get up to her at all the first few nights so now she is sleeping through without a peep. She is getting used to us and our house and is a very happy little thing.  

Thanks for everthing.  Photo attached in our garden.

Cheers, Ruth


Here we are celebrating Hacker's 2nd Birthday in Singapore :-)


Zac Moodle turned 1 in Singapore on 16th October.  He is a sweetheart and adorable. Thanks so much for giving us Zac! Warm regards, Rupa


Lucky has settled very well with our family in Singapore. All of us love her dearly. She is extremely adorable and intelligent. She is always so enthusastic to give us a very warm welcome whenever we come home. We are so happy and glad that we made this decision to have her. Thank you very much again for all your help. Regards, Sabrina


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