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Our Cavoodle puppy Lulu is absolutely wonderful. We have had her for just over a month and she has been such a joyful addition to our family. We would definitely recommend a dog from Fluffy Puppies to anyone who wants to purchase a dog as we have a wonderful cute healthy beautiful dog who is admired by everyone who sees and meets her and adored by her new family. Lulu is quick to learn, fun and loving and always excited to meet new people and new dogs too. Today was the second time we took her to the park as we waited for ten days after her second vaccine and she was confidently running up to dogs that were three times her size. It is so lovely to see how well she is socialising with people and dogs. She is fun, active and also sweet, cuddly and gentle. Should anyone be considering purchasing a puppy I would highly recommend fluffy puppies breeders as they breed beautiful puppies with such lovely natures. I know two other people who purchased adorable puppies from fluffy puppies and they have both grown into beautiful, healthy well adjusted dogs. Fluffy puppies breeders were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process of choosing and selecting and buying a puppy so easy.

All the best

Elise Eliakim

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I just wanted to say how happy my husband & I are that we found our new Cavoodle puppy "Charlie" & that we found Fluffy Puppies. We couldn't be more happier, he is adorable & also how professional Fluffy Puppies were with all the information we needed when we picked Charlie up. I couldn't recommend them enough, just so very helpful, so a big thank you from Ron & myself.  Charlie loves his new home & sends you a big lick

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Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

I thought you might like to hear an update on the gorgeous Cavoodle puppy Taffie. She is, as you may have guessed, quite gorgeous and a source of constant amusement. We started her training immediately and she responded to her name (which is Taffie) within a couple of days. She now, at 12 weeks old, will come when called and sit instantly. She responds to my whistle and will zoom to me from wherever she is in the garden. She learnt how to go through the doggie door after being shown it once and now uses it exclusively. She still has the occasional wee accident inside but very rare as I take her outside after her sleep, meals, play.

Her bed is next to my bed and she will often retire to it during the day if she has been very active. She sleeps in her own bed and has done so since her first night. 

We should have called her Tradie as she is very fond of the tradesmen who are in the area – a truck load of them stopped us yesterday as we were on our walk and 4 big burly blokes got out of the truck to have some “Taffie Time” with her. She loves our garden and will often potter about on her own. She especially likes the patch of Veronica in the front courtyard and I have found her asleep there on more than one occasion. 

Basically she is a very content puppy.

My dog training friend, Chrissie McIntyre, stayed with us for a few days and she started us off on our training journey. Taffie has some good ground rules and knows not to chew the rug, not to jump up on people, not to jump up onto the furniture, not to beg for food from visitors, not to bark excessively (she has a very soft bark so we don’t want to encourage lots of yappy barking). She is learning “OFF” and “LEAVE IT” and “COME” and “SIT”. 

I hope to stay in contact with you and update you on her progress. Thank you for your attention and your care. Taffie is a wonderful example of a well loved, well cared for and well bred puppy.

Caroline Manly

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Misty turned 1 back in March and continues to provide love, laughter and happiness in abundance! Misty  is going very well, we have relocated from our duplex on a very small block into my mothers house complete with 1/2 acre for her to run around on.  Misty adapted well to moving and has a slightly new routine and plays with my mothers 12 year old dog.   She has a 14 year old brother also so we continue to give her lots of outings where she sometimes gets to mix it up with some younger dogs.  We will have to break it to her slowly when it time to move again.  Misty will take it all in her stride like she normally does. I have attached a phoro of her taking in the surroundinga while waiting for her boyfriend (cocker spaniel) next door to come out for a quick chat.  They say g'day through the fence and have a quick chat and happy with that. Thank you again for a wonderful pup she is a pleasure and great addition to our family. Cheers, Kerry, Dave & Misty

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Today was a big day for our Moodle puppy Jax, he turned 1!!!! He is the best fur friend we could have possibly have asked for. He has such a loving personality and is a pleasure to have in our family. He is very obedient and we are able to walk him without a lead now (on quite roads) and he listens to our commands all the way. Thank you for bringing him into our lives her certainly has filled the gap we were missing. Jax loves going out the back and chasing his frizby. Thanks again, Rochelle, Derek and Bayden

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Our Cavoodle puppy Lulu wanted me to drop a line to you to say hello & send her love to you & her parents. She loves her new home & has settled very well & become the much loved baby of the family. She has the cutest personality & is absolutely adorable & intelligent. She is a cheeky little monkey.  Thank you, Ash

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Just thought we would send through some updated photos of our Schnoodle puppy Hugo. This is him visiting grandparents in the country which Hugo loved although was a little unsure about the horses - he had never seen a dog that big in the city. Kangaroos were new too....Still playful and a joy to all the family. Megan Wakeley

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Attached are a couple of photos of our schnoodle puppy, Willow.  Willow is now 7 months old and is doing very well. She has blended into our family and with our other dog, a border collie, with ease.  We enjoy her very much and our daughter is very happy with her new best friend. Kind Regards, Janene Graham

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Here is one more photo of our Moodle puppy Milo! We all love her!! Thank you Tisha Das

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Here is our gorgeous 6 year old Moodle puppy, Milo! Tisha Das

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