Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

As you can see she has settled in amazingly. She settles at night beautifully loves to play,run,jump, eating well. We are actually very surprised how she has slotted in so well, almost like she has been here with us before. We are very happy, Eva, John & Taylah

I thought you might like some photos so you can see how Marlie Cavoodle is settling in. She is such a beautiful little dog. We are so excited to have her. Thank you for the call. We can't thank you enough for the care you put into getting Marlie ready to meet us . We are singing your praises to everyone here in Coolangatta! Thanks again Marie-Louise & Geoff. Take care & have a wonderful Christmas. We certainly will! Kind Regards,
Judy, Jason & Ashton

The latest photo of Koso Cavoodle. Note the red beard, the rest of him is black!! He is such a lovely dog and brings us much joy. We are renovating at the moment and have no inside doors so he has taken to coming up and sleeping on our bed at night which he seems to think is really good!! Anne

Hi Marie-Louise...thought you may like a recent photo TT. Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas & New Year.
Kaye,David & TT

What do you think of my beautiful Moodle Pixie? He is the happiest, friendliest most sweet natured little dog and I am so delighted he is mine. Six months old now. I crate trained him and have not had a disturbed night, ever. He is also totally reliable as far as toilet training goes. My husband died in October and Pixie has been a joy, as he has kept me smiling. We will certainly recommend your name to anyone who is looking to buy a Puppy. Best wishes from Pixie and Robin Kennedy.

We "adopted" Ruby Schnoodle from you in August 2010 – primarily for our son, Hank (now 21). For one reason or another we subsequently inherited Ruby ourselves. I have never had, nor wanted a pet before, but you will be pleased to know that we adore her – myself, in particular. She is the most intelligent, delightful creature, who has added a new dimension to our lives.
Thank you, Jude.

Oscar Moodle is the best addition to our family. He suits us to a Tee. The most beautiful natured little boy. He is a very happy little boy who swims twice a week and goes for two daily walks as well as the dog park. We haven't told him yet that he isn't human. He was toilet trained in 4 days, learnt to use the doggy door within a couple of hours , has not chewed anything, doesn't cry when left alone. Thank you so much for Oscar.
The Aharons

My husband (Steve) and I would very much like to thank you for our fluffy puppy "Mia" Schnoodle. Mia is now 9 months old and is a huge part of our lives. She is a clever little dog, loves to fetch and run and has excelled at obedience class. I've attached a couple of photos for you so you can see how much she has grown and changed since you sent her to us.
Kind regards, Mandy Young

Medor (Schnoodle) has grown up and is doing very well - What a fantastic character he has - so smart and gentle dog. He weights 11.5Kilos - but who cares he is a lovely dog.
Regards, Anne & Pierre-Antoine

It's Poppy's (Schnoodle) birthday today hard to believe we have had her for 1 year. She is a joy very playful and loving. She loves shoes and if the kids leave anything in the ground she grabs it and runs. She has just gone into grade two at dog training and loves a walk on the beach. Thank you, Amanda

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