Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Just wanted to give you a little update on our Cavoodle Puppy after her first professional grooming session. Lani is a wonderful addition to our family. She is much loved but our three kids and is spoilt rotten. She has been very well behaved. She has been easy to train and has a lovely nature. Just wanted to THANK YOU again for her!!
Kind regards
Narelle Moore

As promised, some photos of Duke and Duchess (Cavoodles) at the one year mark. I hope you can see they are much loved and well looked after.
They have delighted us every day with their affection and their antics (although some, like digging in the garden, we hope they might out-grow!) All best wishes, Richard and Eve

Its been a while and Moodle, Chases 2nd Birthday has flown by!!!
Here is an updated picture of him.
As you can see he is still as adorable as ever and is doted upon by everyone
Cheers, Kate

Just another update on Paxton Schnoodle – he is now 1! Looking forward to seeing his picture on the website!
Thanks, Courtney

Hi Marie- Louise and Geoff,

Max Cavoodle would like to wish you all the best for the Festive Season.
Roz George

Both doggies are doing great and have such amazing characters, so playful and they keep us entertained chasing each other all over!
Sending through a few pics for you to see how well they are!
Kind regards,

Thought you might like to see my new Summer "look".
I am very excited about my first Christmas...my other four-legged friends tell me there is something called "turkey" that my human mum gives us at this time of the year...can't wait!
We are thinking of my doggy mum and dad and of all my human friends at the farm, and we want to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful start in life so I could become the gorgeous boy I am (well that's what my human mum keeps saying anyway) Loads of licks and snuffles, Gabriel xx

Our beautiful little Rosie Shoodle turned one on 22 November so I thought I'd send you some photos of her. She is the love of our lives!

Kind regards, Melinda & Adam Cail

Silo Schnoodle has turned out to be a wonderful companion for us all. Just as you had described, she is very loyal, very affectionate and generally very well behaved. She moved into a home with a very old and cranky cat and they socialised very well. (The cat has since died). We bought chickens about 2 years ago and she even socialised with them. A little tricky at first, but they seem to show a mutual respect. We can leave the chickens free ranging in the yard and the dog together and know there will not be a problem. We are absolutely delighted with her. Thank you once again for our delightful Silo! Greg Smith

Just thought I'd send you a photo of Jasper before he gets his summer clip this week. He's gorgeous with just a beautiful nature. We love him so much and couldn't imagine life without him. In my daughter Maddy's words. "Life is just so much more fun with Jasper"
Kind Regards, Tracey

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