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THANK YOU so much for the recent addition to our family - Charley!  She is absolutely adorable!  She seems to have settled in quickly, and is enjoying getting to know her big sister Bella.  She has even learnt to sit and drop already, and does most of her wees on the "wee mat"!!  She is such a quick learner! :)  Bella loves Charley, and just needs to learn how to play with her - she can be a little rough with Charley sometimes.  She’s doing well though, and looks to me and Steve for guidance a lot. :)

Regards, Sharon and Steve

Thank you so much Geoff and Marie-Louise!  Bella has been with us for a week now - she is just perfect.  She has settled in to her ‘forever' home very well.  She is a very intelligent puppy and loves playing with her many toys, and is already learning to sit, stay and come.  She has a very calm, affectionate nature - a reflection of the way she has been loved and cared for by you during her first 9 weeks - thank you.  We are really looking forward to continuing that high level of love and care. Thanks again,

Sharon and Steve

Here is a photo of our lovely sweet Dora, we all love her so much. She wasn't too keen on staying still for a portrait, so my son had to pick her up.

Thanks Zoe


Tully has slotted into our household and is a much loved member of our family.  Taylor (the cat) was very welcoming, and Georgie (our first puppy) is happy to have another dog to play with in the yard.  They have been housebound lately with all the rain in Sydney, so today after a 5km walk in the sunshine, Tully was exhausted and chose to nap on the lounge with Taylor my cat – They were very cute together!  Thanks again for my fabulous dogs as they have added so much love to our family. Getting 2 dogs was one of the best decisions I ever made! Regards, Sandy Carney

Thought I would send you this photo of Pixie, now that he has just had his first birthday. He continues to be the most happy, well behaved, loving and good natured little dog. He is loved by everyone, adults and children alike. I mostly take him with me every time I go out, but on occasion, have to leave him at home and when I come back, everything is just as I left it and he is overjoyed to see me. Love from Pixie and Robin Kennedy

Here's the photo of Lupe having a nap with her big brother Tuna. They getting along very well and Tuna is very gentle playing with her :) thanks for our gorgeous little girl.  Carmela

It was lovely to meet you at the cafe and to show you Medor at 18 months of age.  He is so intelligent and affectionate.  We love him so much.  Thank you so much.  Pierre and Anne.

Good evening Marie-Louise, just a few snaps of Oscar who is now almost 7 months old and 1 of Ruby who is 2 in October. Both are doing really well and are healthy and happy.
Oscar is bigger and heavier than Ruby, both are spoiled rotten and run the household although Ruby is still 'boss' over Oscar.
Cheers, Geoff Gladman

Morning guys!
My humans seemed worried about my black, muddy feet, but I don't mind.
I love black, muddy feet....especially because it means I usually get one of those lovely warm baths...I love those lovely warm baths.
Apparently I am getting my first haircut soon. No idea what that means but I have loved everything in my little life so far, so I am sure I will love "haircut".
Lots of love, Gabe

Please find attached a photograph of Pip at 8 months. He is a very placid dog (who never snaps or growls). He loves to play, especially when our Children's dogs visit. Thank you for breeding such wonderful pet. Regards
Grant Kleeman

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