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We celebrated the Moodles’ 1st birthday in style. Poppy and Teddy have transformed our lives so much for the better.  We love them so much!!!  They are most delightful characters.  Poppy has settled down a little and is a little less stroppy.  Teddy is still the impeccably behaved young man.  They get along very well, with lots of play and banter.  He keeps an eye out for her as she is still the more adventurous one except when faced with larger dogs in the park.  We simply love all the walking we now do. Thanks and regards. Liz de Soyres

We just wanted to say how much joy our dog has brought us since we picked him up
from you last January. He's so fun to play with, is an excellent dog to take on
long walks around the neighbourhood and loves to watch a movie with the family
usually sitting on Mums lap. He's got the most beautiful temperament and
suffers graciously through our youngest son's "loving" attention. His
health has been excellent from the time he arrived- obviously from good stock!
And he's the most cuddliest dog we've ever met. He's shy to begin with other
people and dogs but is very social once he's familiar.He's about to turn 1 in a
few weeks so we thought we'd like to let you know what a blessing he's been for
our family. We love him to bits!

Thank you so much, Owen and Suzie Beckinsale

Dear Marie- Louise,

Thank you for Chester!  He is a real live teddy bear!


Pamela Thompson

I have attached some photos of JoJo :)

She is a really loving pup and has adapted really well to our household.

Thankyou so much for our little girl

Kathy Cross

Jet is a feisty little bloke, always warning us when people approach, the telephone rings or the washing machine finishes its final spin cycle! Loves his daily walk, usually about 50 minutes - good for me too, dislikes cyclists, workmen in fluros and loud trucks.  He is his own person (lazy!), usually letting us know when he wants to go out for a toilet break. He is a great companion, very loyal and brings a lot of joy to Karen and I (even when I have to get up at 0300 in the midst of a Canberra winter because he wants to go out for a wee!).  Terry and Karen Gassner


I just wanted to show you a picture of Bobby who is now 13 months old and super cute! The kids dressed him up on the weekend. He is such a lovely natured, obedient, beautiful dog. We are so happy he is part of our family! He is a credit to you and the dogs you choose to breed from. We love him!     Joanne Wittig

A photo as promised of our new puppy, Poppy, with her big brother Toby. Toby is now 1 and was also a "fluffy puppy". They are bonding well and both have lovely temperaments. Thanks,

Michela and Simon.

Harvey and Max Cavoodles get on absolutely fabulously and are constantly together, they have taken over the house, the lounge, the bed our lives -  I’m sure you get the picture.

Max, in particular loves dog toys he often has one in his mouth, Harvey doesn’t as much but likes the ones that Max has that have long arms or legs that they can each get a hold of – GAME ON. Max also loves running and being chased he is so fast. I could go on and on, but no doubt you hear from many other very happy families, I’m sure we are just one of many but I just wanted to show you and let you know how much he is loved and that he has gone to a good home.

Love and Licks

Max, Harvey, Donna Mortimer and Trevor Hyde.

Quick update on and picture of our Moodle, Bear, who we got from you in May of last year. He is just over 1 year old now. He is such a beautiful, friendly and affectionate dog. We would really like to thank you. He is extremely sociable with humans and gets overly excited to see anyone he knows, making him wonderful to come home to. He takes a little while to warm up to other dogs. He does have an anxious temperament and can scare easily time to time in new environments. However, overall, he is a happy, confident and loving dog. We also love that his fur is so soft and he does not shed. We have had minimal difficulties training him and have never regretted our decision to get him once. Thank you so much!

Simon and Celia.

We adopted Taz Schonoodle last August and he becomes 1 year old today! Taz has been active, friendly and healthy since day 1. His favourite activity is swimming and we often take him to beaches. What we love him the most is his unique personality. We really enjoy the time with Taz everyday even though he is a bit of a squirrel sometimes :) Thank you very much to let us have him!

Kind regards, Dan, Kumi and Taz Fitzgibbon

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