Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Just thought we would send through some updated photos of Hugo our schnoodle. This is him visiting grandparents in the country which Hugo loved although was a little unsure about the horses - he had never seen a dog that big in the city. Kangaroos were new too....Still playful and a joy to all the family. Megan Wakeley

Attached are a couple of photos of our schnoodle, Willow.  Willow is now 7 months old and is doing very well. She has blended into our family and with our other dog, a border collie, with ease.  We enjoy her very much and our daughter is very happy with her new best friend. Kind Regards, Janene Graham

Here is one more photo of Milo! We all love her!! Thank you Tisha Das

Here is our gorgeous 6 year old Moodle, Milo! Tisha Das

Abby our schnoodle is now 6 months old. She is absolutely adorable. She is incredibly sociable and loves nothing more than cuddles on our lap. She loves her toys and is obsessed with playing fetch. She is the biggest ball of fun. Definitely daddy’s little princess! Thank you. She has exceeded our expectations. Warm regards, Deb & John Walker

Here are a couple of photos of Tia - our adorable fluffy puppy. It is interesting how her colour is changing - she has a bit of grey coming through and a bit of brown on the face.  We can't imagine life without her :)   Bambi Markus

Well it is 6 months since we picked up Pablo moodle from you and we are very pleased to report that he is very much an integral and loved member of our family. He is a delight with the most gentle, affectionate, sociable and fun loving temperament. His sock fetish makes us laugh - we now know not to leave loose socks lying around else it will end up in Pablo's bedding. His intelligence means he has responded wonderfully to obedience training and is now showing interest in agility activities - eager to learn and eager to please. The vet and groomer have both remarked that he is the most calm, friendly and obedient client ever! He rarely growls or barks so is very much a companion rather than guard dog. Having Pablo has given us a very strong appreciation of the benefits of good breeding.  Regards, Joelle Hansen

We wanted to send you an update on Cookie who is now 6 months old. She has fitted into and our family so well and the boys absolutely adore her. She is a very sweet, well natured girl who loves to go for runs in the park. We can't imagine not having Cookie as part of our family. Thank you so much! Kind regards, Nikki, Mark, Joel and Sam Levi

Just thought I'd send you a Daisy update. She's now 7 months old, 5 kilos. She's absolutely devine, clever, stubborn, affectionate, very playful & loved loved loved to bits by all of us. She senses things about my kids before I know about it too. She's been brilliant for scarlet particularly. Alex (10 yr old) has taught her to sit, shake hands, roll over, dance, drop & crawl. He's currently teaching her to ride his skateboard. We often call her "Claude" because she has his face sometimes. She's fairly shy with strangers outside the house, never barks at other dogs, rarely barks at all. Loves kids more than anything, sleeps a lot. She can run like the wind & has had no injuries or issues. She begs a lot for food so I've had to put some strict rules in place. She does shed a decent amount at this stage but not as bad as other dogs I've had.  Melinda Pettigrew

Just thought we’d send a message to let you know how Raphael, affectionately known as Raffles, is getting on.  He is now 6 months old and has become a very loved member of our family – he’s brought a lot of love and laughter into our home.  He is full of energy and mischief and can’t wait to go out walking to meet other dogs and people.  Raffles has a beautiful nature and always enjoys a cuddle!  Thank you. Kind Regards, Nadia, Martin and Nathan.

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