Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Here is a photo of our boys! Jed is the black smaller dog...very bright and inquisitive and Brodie is the apricot coloured larger dog....very calm and cuddly. I absolutely love their different natures. You were absolutely right when you siad they were very close....unbelievably they have never had a "cross word". Again thank you for the care you take with your puppies....they were well adjusted from the start.

Regards, Lyn

A little pampering at the Salon!

From Jarvis family

Here is Teddy at dinner.

Regards, Olavi

Thank you so much for trusting Buddy into our lives. He's such a beautiful boy and everyone comments on what a wonderful temperament he has; so chilled and loving and playful. Our vet said that 'he's very well put together' when he examined him for his 12 week shot and was so amazed by the strength of his rib cage and his relaxed and friendly personality. We take him everywhere with us because he's part of our familly.

Thank you, Sumi Lim

Here is a pic of Gizmo on Christmas Day, 6 months of age. Thank you so much for allowing us to have him. He is the best thing and we are very lucky to have him join our familly. So friendly, gentle, very loving and also very mischievous! Fits in perfectly.  

Thank you again, Karen, Alan, Ben and Dylan

I am attaching the 2016 Christmas photo, and I hope you enjoy it. Taffie is a completely perfect dog. Our Vet has given her top marks and each time I see him he compliments you on your breeding programme. All the best and thanks once again for the perfect puppy.

Caroline and Taffie

Molly not only brings joy to my life every day but also the residents of my village. I bring Molly to work with me most days and the residents visit Mollly for a cuddle.  One resident in particular walks Molly around the village every day and that gives her something to look forward to. Rob, my husbnd, is besotted with her and my 4 year old granddaughter loves carrying her around the house. Molly has a beautiful nature, is a very social dog and loves making new friends. We get stopped in the street asking about Molly and I have referred your breeding services to many. Thank you so much for breedin Molly.

Kind regards, Jen Lewis

Bolt is so kind and makes everyone in our familly very happy. He also has Instagram :) bolthemoodle

Thank you, Ellie

This is our gorgeous dog Bertie. We just want to let you know that we adore him and he is the happiest dog. He has fitted in perfectly with our lives and we have adjusted well to having a dog in the house. I think he is one of the most walked dogs in Sydney!

Thanks, Tina

Just wanted to drop you an updated photo of Bronte. We got a puppy photography voucher for Christmas.

Regards, Joe Brooks

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