Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

I would like to give you an up-date on our beautiful Valentino who has been with our family for over 9 months. I cannot explain what an impact he has made on our family and friends. He gives us so much love and fun in a day. We thank you for producing such a wonderful puppy for our family.
Love ... Diane and family

I have attached a photo of our gorgeous Moodle that we got from you in February. She is just delightful and running the household!
Thanking you Danielle

We just want to let you know that our little mate Ted is going great. He has attached to our family very well. Thank you so much for our beautiful little puppy. Thanks, The Rugless Family

Ronny (Maltalier) has turned into a fantastic little Mate (not spoilt, Hee). He is 16months old and has given me lots of enjoyment .
Regards Bill

We thought you might like to see how our bundle of mischief is growing!!! He is such a delight. Jet loves his daily walks and is fantastic on the lead often picking up a stick and bringing it home with him. He is so intelligent...loves playing with his ball, drops it on command and sits for his treats and meals. We would all love to say a big thank you as he is such a part of our family that it is hard to imagine what our life was like without him!!!!!
Best Wishes ... Karen

We bought a fluffy puppy from you and we love him. He was a present for our 9th birthday. He is very well and loved. Thank you
Thankyou ... Emma & Tom

I just wanted to send you some photos of Lilly (Cavoodle) and tell you how much we have enjoyed her. She has settled in really well and Emily just loves her to bits. I often find them asleep together on the lounge. Lilly is a ball of energy when she isn't sleeping and I think has a lot of agility probably coming from her poodle dad.
Regards Fiona

Milo is a very intelligent, affectionate, faithful, special, adorable and good boy. ..... His chocolate creamy latte fur is so so so soft and NON-SHEDDING. He loves his bubble bath in the tub and enjoys being blow dried with my hairdryer. He loves my 3 1/2 year old daughter and they both play with each other like brother and sister. His past time is to chase and play with my pet rabbits who are 9 years old, they run freely in my yard and Milo has become good friends with them. Thank you so so so much for Milo. Regards Tisha

Here is a photo of Jippa now 6 months old. He is a beautiful puppy, easy to look after and adored by the boys. "My favourite ball of fluff" as my big 12 year old says! A real asset to our family. Thank you.
Regards, Sharon

Just a quick email to give you an update on little Jess who turned 1 yesterday.Jess has bought us so much joy and we just love her to death and have made many recommendations to friends about her breed because we are so happy.
Thanks Kellie

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