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Our Cavoodle Santa has been an absolute delight . . . she is such an affectionate good tempered and adorable pup who is now a very much loved member of our family. You may recall that we told you both our daughters were very scared of dogs and her joining our household was a HUGE transition for them. Santa has however won their hearts and as this photo tells she is now a much adored best friend . . . . .
Andrew and Nikii

Just to let you know that Pip has fitted in to our family beautifully, he makes us laugh and we love him lots! He and Ella have started puppy school - Pip is the star, he learnt to 'sit' in the first evening! What a clever boy! As you can see below, he was the perfect birthday pressie!
Thanks and regards, Verena

I've been meaning to email to say thankyou for our beautiful Moodle puppy, Pookie. She's now 9 months old and an absolute delight. She's funny, intelligent and full of life. Everybody who meets her falls instantly in love with her. She's made a life long friend of my older dog, Polly the Maltese Terrier, and has become a much loved part of our family....what a beautifully bred dog she is - both physically and due to her exceptional temperament. I can't recommend Fluffy Puppies high enough. We love our little girl...

We thought you might like to see an updated photo of our Cavoodle 'Scout' whom we collected from you in Katoomba in January. She has quite a cheeky personality!!!
Aaron & Marissa

Here is Jasper our Cavoodle. As you can see, he's grown a beautiful thick curly poodle-like coat. Whilst he's lost a lot of the beautiful colour his coat had as a pup, his ears have maintained the colour. The main part of his body is a rich creamy colour. He's as mad as a cut snake! Very good at getting up on his hind legs, but the trainer tells me that's a very poodle-like trait again, poodles have very strong back legs, so she tells me. Anyway, thanks again for my big, beautiful, boofy boy Jasper, he's a character.
Jackie Lee

Fluffy Puppies are model puppies!
Our Cavoodle Ella is just so beautiful in looks and nature, we certainly hit the Jackpot. All our friends and family are just besotted by her and they all visit for cuddles and a play on a regular basis. She is just such a wonderful puppy and loves everyone in the family equally, she loves cuddles, her food and enjoys all her toys, her favourites are the pink and grey Turkey and the Stegosaurus. 'Fluffy Puppies' certainly breed beautiful fluffy puppies, we are just so happy with everything. Amanda, Garth and Jazmyne

We thought that you might like an updated picture of Puddles. He has been going great.
Thank you From the Taylors

We thought we'd give you an update on our precious girl Ruby (Cavoodle). We are really enjoying watching her grow and learn lots of things. She is enjoying playing with her new friends at puppy pre-school and has encouraged two families to get a puppy of their own! Thanks again for our beautiful girl!! Cheers
Danielle & Steve

Just wanted to say how fabulous Toby our Moodle is! He settled in perfectly from day one and he has the sweetest nature and such a beautiful temperament. (Not to mention a gorgeous fluffy coat that does not shed!) Thanks for all your help and I can't recommend Fluffy Puppies enough for anyone considering a new puppy.

Just letting you know that Max has settled well into his new home and has become a very much loved part of our family. He has been to the vet for his needle and we were told that he is a very healthy dog and a perfect breed for a family pet. He visited school today for show and tell and didn't mind the attention at all. He is learning to sit and has started toilet training (usually doesn't make it out in time but he tries to get outside). We are looking into puppy preschool (just as much to teach the kids about training dogs as training the pup). Anyhow, thank you. We love Max!

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