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As a proud mother I would be so happy for you to feature our Shi-Poo puppy on your website. I do have a lot of enquiries about where I got her from and do give them your website. I cannot even take a walk without someone wanting to stop to pat her and say how cute she is. At her graduation at puppy school last Saturday they said she has the best temperament they have seen in any dog in all of the years they have been training them....If anyone ever wants a reference I am more than happy to tell them how great my life is because of you and your wife.
Thanks Kylie

This is a photo of our Cavoodle Valentino on Christmas morning at home. He has settled into our home just perfect. Everyone that sees him tries to put him in their bags or pockets to take home. We cannot imagine what it would be like to not have Valentino. I was in a pet shop today and was telling a customer how happy we are with our little Valentino and it was worth the drive to Bathurst to get the best. Happy New Year.
Regards Diane and family

I thought I'd send a few photo's of our Cavoodle we named Fly - he is settling in very well and has such a lovely personality! He's a very welcome addition to my household!
Kind regards Emma

Just sending you two photos of our beautiful little bundle of joy which we named poohpi (molly). The trip to Bathurst from Sydeny on the 27th of May was really worth it as our little Shi-Poo poohpi has become one of the family. She has made our lives so much richer and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, we love her so much.
Kind regards, Nicola, Darko and family :-)

I just wanted to let you know that our apricot Moodle (Lulu) and black ShiPoo (Jazz) are going great. They get along so well together and are constantly playing and chasing each other. They both have such lovely, sweet personalities and are great fun to have around. They have done some obedience training and picked it up exceptionally quick, they have also been to Doggy Day Care a few times and love it. My parents are visiting from Newcastle this week and just adore them, so the dogs are getting a lot of attention at the moment! Thanks again Michelle & Paul

Here is a photo of our new Shi-Poo Yoda with our first girl, Rubi (both from Fluffy Puppies) and we love them both dearly! Merry Christmas!
Deb & Stu

Here is our Cavoodle 'Rocky' in his new home and with his big sister Zoe. They get on great and they seem to be very attached to each other already.
Thanks again, Vaness

I wanted to let you know that our gorgeous Moodle "Bella" who arrived in March has bonded so beautifully with one of our sons who is disabled. Timothy, who is a young man of 24, comes to stay with us on the weekend and Bella makes an immediate bee line for him. They have become great mates. We all just love the way Bella responds to Timothy.
Cheers, Barbara

Just thought I'd give you a quick email to say thank you for our wonderful Cavoodle 'Jack'. He's a lovely dog and the girls love him to bits. He's settled in very nicely, sleeps through the night and is very well behaved. Once again, thanks for all your help in the process of buying a puppy and I can't believe how quick and smooth the process was, just a credit to you.
From the Baker Family

We just wanted you to know that we love our little baby Cavoodle who has made such a difference to our lives. Thank you for everything!

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