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Sending you our first pictures of "Charli" at home. All going very well and she's bounding around seemingly very happy. We love her!
With best wishes, Cathy Huxtable and family

Just a Christmas wish from Carleen, Ella and I. Ella is nearing two human years and is the most wonderful little bundle of joy that you could imagine. We love her dearly. She is doing extremely well and is very smart. She keeps Carlie and I fit. She is very affectionate and has the loveliest nature. Ella is always the centre of attention wherever we take her. We can't thank you enough for a very dear little family member. We've given quite a few people your web address.
Merry Christmas! David, Carleen and Ella

Lola (Maltalier) is a happy, healthy and a joyful dog who came into our lives from Fluffy Puppies about two years ago. She has taken really well to training and can do many cute tricks. She is a keen learner and had trained very fast. When buying Lola, Geoff has provided us with lots of support and told me "This little Darling will have a wonderful personality, just like her Mum (Clare - King Charles Cavalier)". It turned out to be so true. Lola has a truly wonderful nature. We would like to thank you ....
Kind Regards, Alexandra

Bling is doing great! She has adjusted to us quite well. Bling is ever so funny she loves sleeping on her back. :) Thanks again she is beautiful.

Just a quick note to let you know that all is going very well with our new puppy, Sam. He is so well behaved and so sweet. He is fitting in very nicely with our family. Thanks for everything ....

Here is a photo of our gorgeous little boy Oscar. At the moment one of his games is to pick up one of his toys and bite into it, so it constantly squeaks. He is very clever at entertaining himself! We love him!!
Regards... Peter and Jennifer

We are delighted to report that our beautiful little Bonnie is very well and very happy and we are absolutely besotted with her. She is the most adorable little thing . so relaxed, so happy, so bright, so playful yet well behaved, and already toilet trained (even at other places! ... she captures the heart of everyone who lays eyes on her. Everywhere we go, everyone wants to stop and pat or look at her. Most say that she simply doesn't look real, too perfect to be real, more like a toy! She is amazing. Again, THANK YOU.
Carl & Romayne

Mum has asked me to send you a picture of her Lucy - she has Mum and Dad wrapped around her paw - they think she is the smartest puppy in the whole world - she is spoilt and has the best personality. She is really a very clever little puppy. Mum just had her groomed and we think she looks beautiful. Thank you for making both of my parents so happy with this gorgeous puppy.
Regards ... Marlene

Here is are photos of our gorgeous little Millie. Now 18 weeks old. How could anyone resist those eyes!
Thank you! Les & Colleen

Just a quick email to let you know how Freddy is doing... FANTASTIC! Everyone who meets him comments on how sweet natured he is. He's a true joy to have as part of our family. He can be a tad cheeky, he's got a passion for our socks you see! But honestly, he's just adorable and cuddly and affectionate, we couldn't have hoped for a more lovable dog. He's so adorable!
Kind regards, Tracey

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