Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

I thought I would take the opportunity to send you an updated photo of our Cavoodle Ben. He is the most wonderful character, so full of energy and can I say sooo smart. He loves to give my 12 year old Cavalier King Charles - Winston a run for his money, it is very funny to watch. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs and we look forward to purchasing another one from you in the near future - My husband wants one exactly the same, I knew I should of brought 2!!!!
Cheers Maria

Here is a photo of our beautiful Valentino enjoying Christmas morning. Valentino is one year old now. We could not imagine what life would be if Valentino did not come into our life. He is such a big part of our family. Valentino is our very first Cavoodle and we could not have any other dog after what we have experience with Valentino. He has a lot of love in his heart and is a very smart dog. He is just one of the family. If he could talk you would think he was human. Thank you Fluffy Puppies for producing such a beautiful little boy.
Regards Diane

Here is a picture of our girls - Nikita and Emily - with Ava. Ava is incredibly intelligent - she learns very quickly and is also super affectionate - some mornings she can't decide if she needs a cuddle more than her food! From Day 1 she would curl up at your feet. The vet says she is a very very fine looking dog, perfectly proportioned! We have to agree, She is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks ... Kim

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that our new puppy is settling in very well. She cried a bit the first night, but has been so well behaved and happy ever since. The kids love her, as do we. We have decided to name her Molly. She seems very relaxed and is enjoying exploring her new world.
Warm regards, Amanda

Chelsea was about 5 months old when this photo was taken. I have to say, she is the most beautiful dog. What a delightful nature, very little barking, she is just so perfect and the family couldn't be happier. She puts a smile on everyone's face.
Kind regards .. Ros

Here are some pictures to show you our cute little puppy is safe and sound at home. We called him Billy. Will keep in touch.
Thanks! Sharon

Our little boy is 6 months old now and is such a beautiful boy. We took him to puppy training school for a 6 weeks course, and he passed in top marks with "walking on the lead". We plan to do the next course.
Thank you. Regards Peter and Jennifer

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on our adorable Cavoodle 'Patch'. He is a gorgeous puppy who continues to give our whole family lots of joy. Thank you. Regards
Leisha, Jon, Alanya & Emelyn

Just thought we'd let you know how well Ziggy is fitting in with our family. The kids can't imagine life without him and neither can we. He was a fantastic puppy from the first day we brought him home. He slept through the first night .... easy to train too. He has always been a very calm puppy, which suits our family very well. We get a lot of compliments about him - particularly his colouring and demeanour. We take him on holidays to the beach with us and he loves it. Thank you so much for such a lovely puppy.
John, Margot, Bella, Luka, Ava and Ziggy

I have attached a photo (first hair cut) of Belle and Jelimo. They are absolutely adorable. Belle is an intelligent, placid dog who to this day has never barked. Jelimo is very energetic and likes nothing more than chasing a ball around the backyard and only barks at strangers. Both dogs get on really well together and have been a wonderful addition to the family - Thanks

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