Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Thought you might like a picture of Coco (Moodle) after her trim. She is a doll. Goes in & out of her doggy door to do her business. Attended puppy training school, passed with flying colours, and is a delight to have.
Thank you! Pam

This is Chloe (Moodle), is now 6 months old. As you can see she is now a grey pup rather than a black one. She has a lovely nature and is much loved by friends and neighbours.
Regards, Tricia White

Just sending a current photo of Emme with her new family! She is very intelligent , spoilt rotten and everyone loves her!
Regards Debra

My little Skaifey (Moodle) is a joy to me and all my family. He is a bundle of fun and just loves everyone and all other dogs. He is named after my favourite V8 driver Mark Skaife. Here is a picture of Skaifey at 6 months.
Thankyou regards, Jenny Harvey

Rosie (Cavoodle) is now 9 months and is a beautiful puppy. She loves to run and spends her time with everyone, including our rabbit and is never far from your side. Everywhere she goes, people comment on her lovely nature and amazing colour and markings. Congratulations on giving such intelligent and loving puppy.
Regards Karl, Fiona, Cameron and Larissa

Here is a photo of our gorgeous Sandy (Cavoodle). She is such a delight and her colouring is just lovely. Her nature is so good, she is perfect. Thank you we love her so much and she has brought us so much love too.
Regards Jennie and Monty Hughes

Just a quick note and a picture so you know that Banjo is well and very much loved!!! He has been de - sexed and loves his socialization at puppy classes on Tuesday evenings. It's all about play and having fun!! Thanks a million !!!!!!

Josie (Schnoodle) is almost 6 months and she is simply the most beautiful puppy. So good natured and happy. She has slotted so well into family life and has been such a beautifully behaved and friendly puppy from day 1. She is smart and loves to please, she has such character and is always, always happy and ready to have a cuddle with any person and a play with any dog. We couldn't imagine life without her now, thanks to you!
Gina Sennitt

Here is Bijou (Schnoodle) with me in our garden. She is doing very well and has bonded extremely well with my son Andrew. The patients at work love her visits! Thank you,
Regards Eniko

Here is Rosie Solomon-Innes. She is absolutely beautiful and has the most wonderful nature. My daughter is an only child and just loves the company. She has become very responsible looking after Rosie and they are fantastic mates. Rosie is gentle with small children and can also be a lot of fun playing fetch and hide n seek. We don't know what we would do without her as she is like having another child. Thank you so much for allowing us to have her...she is the best.
Kind Regards Lisa Solomon-Innes

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