Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

We "adopted" Ruby Schnoodle from you in August 2010 – primarily for our son, Hank (now 21). For one reason or another we subsequently inherited Ruby ourselves. I have never had, nor wanted a pet before, but you will be pleased to know that we adore her – myself, in particular. She is the most intelligent, delightful creature, who has added a new dimension to our lives.
Thank you, Jude.

Oscar Moodle is the best addition to our family. He suits us to a Tee. The most beautiful natured little boy. He is a very happy little boy who swims twice a week and goes for two daily walks as well as the dog park. We haven't told him yet that he isn't human. He was toilet trained in 4 days, learnt to use the doggy door within a couple of hours , has not chewed anything, doesn't cry when left alone. Thank you so much for Oscar.
The Aharons

My husband (Steve) and I would very much like to thank you for our fluffy puppy "Mia" Schnoodle. Mia is now 9 months old and is a huge part of our lives. She is a clever little dog, loves to fetch and run and has excelled at obedience class. I've attached a couple of photos for you so you can see how much she has grown and changed since you sent her to us.
Kind regards, Mandy Young

Medor (Schnoodle) has grown up and is doing very well - What a fantastic character he has - so smart and gentle dog. He weights 11.5Kilos - but who cares he is a lovely dog.
Regards, Anne & Pierre-Antoine

It's Poppy's (Schnoodle) birthday today hard to believe we have had her for 1 year. She is a joy very playful and loving. She loves shoes and if the kids leave anything in the ground she grabs it and runs. She has just gone into grade two at dog training and loves a walk on the beach. Thank you, Amanda

Rosie just got her first accessory – a pair of sunglasses! I had to bribe her to keep them on (she hates wearing them) so they are only for her "photo shoots"! She had just got back from her "puppy play group" – they went to the beach that day and she's got wet feet!
Kind regards, Melinda & Adam

Here are a couple of photos of our Moodle Louie. He is now 7 months old.

We love him to bits. He is such a great dog with a beautiful and gentle nature.

He is loving the Perth lifestyle and especially loves the beach. He has been such a fantastic addition to our family.

Regards, Jacqui Macgeorge

This is my Moodle, Kovu after his first proper groom!! He is 5 and a half months old and weighs about 4.5kg :) he is around 38cm in length We love him so much! Would recommend you to everyone! Thank you, Tarni

Chase is doing wonderfully well.......couldn't ask for a better temperament, we are tremendously happy with what a fun loving, willing to please and never putting a paw wrong (most of the time!) dog he is. He is completely reliable off lead and when asked will put his toys away in the box! He is a regular visitor to a local disabled school for children with physical and mental disabilities. He is very tolerant and loves the kids. Soon he will be accompanying my mum everyday (she is a teacher there) to school to help teach the kids how to act with animals! He absolutely loves his food, one of his most favorite things in the whole world. He has a good diet of mince, sardines, high quality kibble, tuna, chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. He loves chewing on deer antler! My mum believes only the best for our dogs!!! Cheers, Kate

I took Archie (Moodle 12 weeks old) to the vet today for his vaccinations.
She was so impressed with his condition and behavioural characteristics. She said he was a really excellent and healthy puppy and his temperament was extremely good for a puppy his age. She also said I must have got him from a very good breeder! He has settled in beautifully and has learnt the rules so quickly. He's mischievous and funny but actually very obedient and trainable for a puppy. Thank you so much. He is thriving. We love him.

Kind regards, Sarah

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