Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Well Darcy will be 1 year old on the 15th May and I wanted to share this pic of her with you. Words cannot describe how much joy, laughter and love she brings to our lives every day. She's just a pure delight, so intelligent, easy to train, obedient, cheeky and we are beyond happy we have her as part of our family. Thank you for providing us with such a lovely pet and I hope all is well with you, your family and pets.

Jacqui and Grahame Clinton

We are well and enjoying Suzy so much!! She's such a huge part of our family. She is our baby! We are so pleased we chose a Moodle and thank you for breeding such amazing puppies. Suzy is now 18 months old and very loving, understands and listens. Hope you like the photo of Suzy!

Regards, Zoe

Ronny is now 9 years old and going well. He now lives at Darmouth Victoria and is enjoying life in the country. He has grown into a fantastic little mate (very spoilt) and sometimes I think he is a little deaf!!! Thank you again - I hope to get many years of enjoyment from Ronny.

Regards, Bill Burns and the kids

We cannot thank you both enough for our gorgeous puppy...little Peanut is settling in so well into our familly and home. She is doing extremely well on the toilet training and gradually getting used to being in the laundry at night. She is so playful with my daughters and they just adore her. We took her to our farm on the weekend and she had a great time running in the grass and sleeping near the fire. I have attached a photo so you both can see her in the new surrounds.

Kindest regrads, Belinda, Lex, Chloe and Elle Pedersen

We would like to say how unbelievably precious our little Jasper and Albie are. We love them so much. Albie is so super smart and picks up tricks easily and Jasper is all about jumping and being in high places. Jasper also loves his tummy rubbed.  They both love a good snuggle! They give us so much joy. They get along so well and love playing together. We can't believe they are just over 6 months. They are truly loved!


Our little Palooma is nearly 6 months old so I thought I would send you a photo. She is doing well. She is a little livewire and lots of fun.


Here is an updated photo of our litte Freddie. He is the love of our lives! He has such a cute cheeky little personality and is quite the little man. He loves going for walks and loves going to the dog park for a play with his little friends. He has such a large character - we just love him so much, he makes us laugh all the time!

With love and very special thaks for our little boy! Janine xx

Here is a photo of our adorable pup, Millie, who turned 1 yesterday. She is an absolute delight to us, and people can't resist patting her on our walks.

Kind regards, Wendy and George

Demi the cavoodle is now almost 10 months old and weighs right on 6kgs. She is doing so well and we can't imagine life without her! She brings so much joy to our home....so much so, we are almost contemplating a second!!!

Kind regards, Rachel and Paul

Thank you! He's beautiful. I can hardly believe I was lucky to choose the perfect dog for me without having met him first. Darcy has completely won my heart, and is such a social, playful, charming little thing. He seduces everyone who crosses his path. He has taken to apartment living very well, despite my fears, and while I'm at work he spends the day with the dogs of my cousins, so he's always occupied and never wanting for a playmate. Thanks so much for heling us get together,

Erin and Darcy.

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