Local Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

We just wanted to let you know how happy our puppy is with our family. He is a great dog and has been named Truffles. He is a joy to be around.

Deon Newman

Here is a photo of Harley at 6 months. He's looking particularly shaggy at the moment hahaha! The Vet said we can take him to the groomers next week. We're absolutely loving having Harley as part of our family. He's brought so much joy. He's a healthy, happy pup. I'll send you another photo on his first birthday. 

All the best, Yvette

A quick pic of our dear little Mo who is an absolute joy. His favourite thing is a sock, he loves his treats, his bed, when people come around (gets the zooms!) and is growing up to be more beautiful every day. I work from home so he usually has a good nap on my lap which I love :-)   Just the best little dog!

Many thanks!  Sally


We brought Callie from you back in June and have called her Callie.  She has become a very much loved part of our family.  Thank you, Jaslyn.

I just thought I would update you on our gorgeous Oscar that we purchased from you in 2012. He has brought our entire family a lot of joy. He has been the perfect companion and addition.  Once again thank you for Oscar.

Regards Ben and Rachel Aharon

Daisy celebrated with a cup-cake on her big day! She is an absolute delight, beautiful calm nature and very easy to train and has become an integral part of the family. She loves everybody! Best wishes,

Terry and Karen Gassner

Ruby is nearly 1.5 years old now and is a beloved member of our family. Ruby has such a lovely temperament and has fit in beautifully with our family, and she is wonderful with our small children. Thank you very much for such a calm and sweet Cavoodle. We love her!

Kind regards,

Ashleigh and Luke Stephens

Hi Geoff and Marie-Louise,

Here is a new picture of Rosie waiting patiently for a new doggie pal when you have a suitable retiree. 

Kind regards, Pip Brandon

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

This is Molly on her 5th birthday. I don't know what I would do without her. She is very playful when you want her to be and relaxed when you are relaxing. She is the perfect little Cavoodle.

Thanks again for my lovely companion, Pam x

Pollie is our second puppy from Fluffy Puppies! She has turned out to be a very beautiful dog . A bit spoilt and naughty - she has taken a liking to my slippers! We had her clipped a week ago and she is now losing her apricot colour as you can see and turning almost Blonde like her mum Ivy.  She has a beautiful, gorgeous nature..

Thank you, Roz, Ron and Pollie 



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