International Feedback - Fluffy Puppies

Good day, Thank you for your support on sending our Cavoodle puppy Luno to Japan. Luno is enjoying his life in Japan. I have attached a picture of him and us and our other dog Neo.  Luno is so cute. Very people friendly dog. We are super happy that we have Luno as our new family member. Again thank you so much for everything.

Best regards, Kokoro Hieda

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Peppa has settled into life with us in Hong Kong. 

I have absolutely no problem with you publishing the photos on your website page. 

Kindest regards

Katie Graham


Mollie is a ball of fun!  Since the day she arrived she has put a smile on our faces.  She has brought us loads of happiness!  Thank you for recommending this perfect little puppy for us. Regards
Janelle Travis - Singapore

Here is a photo of my kids, Stephanie 4 & Sebastian 2 with Jasper.  They LOVE her!  She has the best temperament, and is now running and jumping like a rabbit in the fields, I think she’s happy!!!  Cheers & thanks!
Dick and Rae - Hong Kong

Just a note to tell you how Oscar is enjoying Hong Kong!  Thank you for everything!
Sue Crawford - Hong Kong

Little Cavoodle Chelsea has been with us for 2 months now and she is just wonderful!! She has brought so much joy to our home, my two boys absolutely love her! She has the most wonderful disposition and temperament! She loves being cuddled which is good because she gets smothered with love by James who is four and a half. Little William who is two loves kissing her, carrying her and is amazingly good at playing with her. She is so intelligent, she has learned to fetch and sit. Her favourite time of the day is the boys bath time which she spends at the side of the bath getting splashed and then chases them when they get out of the bath! Chelsea is quite a hit here and I am sure you will be getting many more enquiries over the next few months! Here are pictures of her at 3 and a half months.
Lisa - Hong Kong

Geoff and Marie Louise,
Here you have a photo of my daughter playing with her new Cavoodle puppy which she has decided to call Pate'... like the food.

Thanks again for all your help, exporting our puppy to Singapore.


Just wanted to let you know that our little Dougal (Cavoodle) is well settled into life here in Singapore. All of the children (and adults) where we live know and love him and strangers stop and ask about him and photograph him when we take him out. He is just a darling to look at! He's very sweet natured, so gentle and for the most part, extremely calm. Also very smart! We couldn't be happier – thank you.
Many thanks again for our sweet Dougal who has made our family complete!
Warmly, Vara, John, Holly and Nathan Bennett

Thank you so much! Both our Cavoodle and Schnoodle pups arrived safely and have really settled in well to Hong Kong life. They are now fully vaccinated and enjoying exploring the hills and trails behind our house! They are a daily delight to use and have really been showing their own unique characters of late.
Thank you, Elaine

It has been a few months since our Schnoodles Minty and Pepper arrived here in Singapore and I just wanted to let you know how well they are doing and what a joy they are to have in our family. They are the most gorgeous dogs and everyone loves them – they have friends everywhere we go. They have adapted so well to apartment life and everyone in our building knows them and says hi to them. They just love being with people and are so well behaved that we even take them out with us when we go to our local restaurants for dinner. They are always close together, which is so sweet!! Thank you. Allana and John

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